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Kale Leaf of the Day

We've started posting kale leaves daily to Instagram.

Kale is an interesting plant. Besides its nutritional value, it has some other positive characteristics. It is comparatively easy to grow and can grow into the winter. You can harvest leaves from a single kale plant all the way from May to June, depending upon the season. It doesn't require a lot of care.

One thing that sets it quite apart from other produce you'll find at a typical supermarket is its inconsistency. Generally curly kale will be from the "Winterbor" variety, which can produce the thick, curly leaves that are best for making kale chips like the ones we make at The Kale Factory. But the thickness and curl of the leaves is very dependent on the weather. In summer the leaves tend to flatten out. 

Like snowflakes, every leaf of kale is unique, because every leaf on a given plant curls differently, so kale, more than most produce at the market, is an example of wild nature at its best. 


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Kale Leaf of the Day

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