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"Thin and glazed with various seasonings, they not only are snack worthy and packed with nutrients, but they can also be used for dipping or as a salad topping or a garnish for all sorts of dishes, liked baked fish or even soups"

"...loved it. It is so good!!! They have a few different flavors offered that satisfy both your sweet and salty crunch cravings. This is an awesome chip alternative."
"...perfect for guilt-free snacking. You can easily eat an entire container of the delicious chips, but at least you won't break the bank with these."


"The Kale Factory's healthy dried kale chips taste as good as junk food..."


"Buckle your seat belt, because the flavor-packed kale chips from New York Naturals are sure to take you on a spicy trip...I've sampled veggie chips before, and non of them pack a crunch like these savory snacks."


"...Hamberry, a commercial illustrator and onetime kindergarten teacher, finds herself embroiled in a new profession: transforming kale, the entirely virtuous, dark-green-leafed vegetable, into an irresistable, only slighlty less virtuous snack chip that's poised to take over the health-food-store world"


"New York Naturals wins this battle easily..."