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Quick Creamy Chickpeas

sea salt & vinegar kale chips

- ¼ cup fresh onion, chopped
- 8oz frozen chopped spinach
- ¼ cup dehydrated sliced garlic
- 2oz Sea Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips (crumbs) 

1. Saute onion in a cooking pan until they become soft
2. Mix spinach and garlic into cooking onion until the liquid evaporates
3. Then mix crumbs into this mix until they become golden or slightly brown
4. Serve this filling inside a lettuce wrap, tortilla, pita bread, or something you prefer. It also can serve with cooked brown rice, cooked quinoa, or some cooked whole grains you prefer. It can be served on its own. It is full of serious awesomeness. Yum-yum!

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