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Baked Dumplings (Vegan)

spicy miso kale chips

This recipe makes great appetizers for mingling parties! It also makes a great impression on your date.

- 1 tablespoon oil (your choice of oil), and 2 tablespoons oil for baking
- ½ cup fresh onion
- ¼ cup dehydrated sliced garlic
- 8oz frozen spinach
- 8oz organic tofu (black soybeans)
- 1 tablespoon tamari (or soy sauce if you like)
- 2 tablespoons umami vinegar (your choice of vinegar)
- 1 pack Spicy Miso (3oz)
- 1 scallion, thin sliced
- 1 pack frozen Won-ton wrappers (vegan), thawed

1. Prep spinach filling. Saute onion and oil in a pan until onion becomes opaque.
2. Add garlic, spinach, tofu, tamari, vinegar, and kale chips to cooking onion. Stir and then cook until the liquid from frozen spinach evaporates. The spinach mixture becomes creamy.
3. Turn off the stove. Let the spinach mixture cool down. Add ½ of scallion to the mixture. Fold in the mixture. Set aside.
4. Preheat oven at 400 degrees. Place a parchment sheet over a baking sheet, grease a baking sheet, or grease an aluminum foil on a baking sheet. Parchment sheet helps reducing time of washing dishes and it does not need to be greased.
5. Scoop 1 tablespoon of spinach filling into each wrapper. Brush edges of the wrapper with water, so you could be able to seal the filled dumplings tightly.
6. Brush all filled dumplings with oil and then bake them until they become crispy and golden.
7. Garnish dumplings with ½ of scallion. Serve. Dunk dumplings in your choice of sauce if you like. Yum-yum!

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