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Vegetables and Vegan Meatball Kabobs

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This recipe seriously makes great appetizers for superbowl, baby showers, etc. We had made a big batch of amazing raw nut meat sauce. So, we used some of the batch for this recipe. Oh yes, we used chopsticks instead of wooden sticks because we did not have wooden sticks on hand. We think using chopsticks was genius because you don't have to buy wooden sticks right away. 

Some of the raw nut meat sauce. See this recipe (
- 1 fresh zucchini
(your choice of vegetables)
- 1 fresh red bell peppe
r (your choice of vegetables) 

Preheat at 350 degrees. Prep a baking sheet. Scoop the raw nut meat sauce with a mini ice cream scooper. Make sure that a meatball is one inch away from another meatball. Bake them for 15-20 minutes until they are crispy. Then cool them down.
Stick each vegetable and each meatball with a chopstick. You do not have to follow what the kabobs are in the pictures exactly. You can stick the meatball first and then vegetables or you can stick vegetables first and then the meatball. We like our vegan meatballs in the middle (between vegetables and vegetables).
3. Serve. We like to serve our food with lettuce or any leafy greens. You can dip kabobs in your choice of sauce. We think our kabobs do not need any sauces. Our vegan meatballs have so much deep flavor.

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