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95% Raw Spring Rolls

sea salt & vinegar kale chips

I discovered that my local Whole Foods Market has packs of brown rice spring roll sheets. They are sold by Star Anise Foods. Isn't it amazing?! You can buy them cheap on Amazon ( I thought brown rice spring roll sheet would make a great pair with raw kale chip meatballs (vegan). I knew spiralized veggies would go well with spring rolls. I use the awesome machine that is called Spirooli ( for spiralizing veggies. Believe it or not-- one zucchini makes unbelievably huge amount of noodles. Try this tool for yourself. I reserved some of spiralized veggies for next day. Spirooli is worth it. One ingredient- brown rice spring roll sheet had cooked. Everything is raw. The result was awesome. You could eat all the rolls in one sitting. No guilt.

Ingredients for raw kale chip meatballs
- 1 fresh red bell pepper, puree
- 6oz crumbs from kale chips (Sea Salt & Vinegar)

1. Prepping raw kale chip meatballs, mix red bell pepper and kale chips well
2. Chill the meatballs overnight. Allow the kale chips absorb all the liquid inside the meatballs.

Assembly for spring rolls

- Brown rice spring roll sheets
- 1 fresh zucchini, spiralized (your choice of veggie)
- 1 fresh carrot, spiralized (your choice of veggie)
- Raw kale chip meatballs

1. Build zucchini, carrot, and meatballs on a spring roll sheet. Roll them tightly, so the things won't fall out of the spring roll when you eat the roll. Serve with your choice of dipping sauce.

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